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With everything that is going on in the world, working from home has become the new norm and lately I’ve been more invested than ever in my living space and how it makes me feel.

Since we are now spending more time in our homes I realized how the coffee table is the workhorse of the living room. It holds our drinks, books, take-away meals, remote control and, let's be honest, some of us even put their feet on it at the end of a long day just to relax.

But a coffee table can be much more than that. It can be found in so many versatile designs but, when we merge this essential piece of furniture with sculptural shapes and unconventional materials, we obtain Functional Art.

Sculptural coffee tables placed in the center of a room can create a focal point and even a conversation element. These pieces are statement makers and here's a list of some of my favorites:

1. Hand Sculpted Coffee Table by Louise Liljencrantz

2. Sculptural Coffee Table by Pierre-Elie Gardette

3. Gear Coffee Table by Norr11

4. Kyoto Rectangular Coffee Table by Poltrona Fray

5. Sculptural Coffee Table by Marc Englander

6. Otto Side Table by Kelly Wearsler

7. Sculptural Side Table in Marble by Sébastien Caporusso

8. Rosso Francia Two Tiered Marble Coffee Table

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