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Sarah Baderna Studio is a full-service design firm specializing in high-end residential and luxury interiors based in New York, with an Italian heart. 


From the first consultation to the project closure, we adopt an organized design process, that will make you feel at ease: if designers and clients are on the same page about what the process entails, we are all likely to enjoy it a lot more.

Our goal is to create a unique process tailored on our clients needs while they are experiencing the true luxury that they are accustomed to, with a touch of Italian artistic and artisanal excellence.


We understand the busy schedules of the people and families that we work with and because of that we provide our clients with a concierge service that they can use on an on-going basis or as needed, so that they don't have to worry about the move-in process, decorating projects, maintenance, etc.

Support: for clients who are going through a renovation or installation process and need help coordinating packing of all their furnishings, booking hotels or pets housing.

Maintenance: we can hire personnel responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your properties, like cleaning service, lawn maintenance crew and contractors needed to keep your homes in top condition, whether you are away or at home.

Events & Special Occasions: we will make it easy to plan a small or major event and take care of every single detail - from decorating to hiring the staff.

The service is flexible based on your unique needs.



Sarah Baderna was born and raised in Italy, surrounded by the beauty of the timeless Italian architecture: even at a young age, she was fascinated by the design of buildings and their attention to details. ​Italian Craftsmanship has always been internationally celebrated: there’s no doubt that Italians are talented craftsmen and creative designers.

Her father worked in the architectural industry and her mother was passionate about interior design.

She worked as an international model for many years until her need to be creative led her to cross paths into interior design.

She moved to New York City at the age of 23 and that's where she took her first steps in the design industry.

"Designers are constantly learning, improving their knowledge and recreating themselves and their designs. Our profession requires continuing education and a mind for research.

As Interior designer, my goal is to take clients vision and desires and turn them into physical reality, impact the lives of people making a difference in how life is experienced."

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