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Private residence, NEW YORK

In progress

This private residence is located in the beautiful countryside near Piacenza, Italy.

The biggest challenge while transforming this 2-cars garage into a living space was the very little amount of natural light that was able to filter through the windows and the low ceilings. We decided to play with a lot of neutral tones and we collaborated with the best local craftsmen.

Our goal was to achieve a deep sense of calm throughout the whole space.


Manhattan Valley


Designer Private Residence, NEW YORK

“On New York’s Upper West Side, situated just two blocks from Central Park, the apartment represents something I could have only dreamed about.” 900 square feet packed with colors, it has gorgeous views of the city. “More than a specific style influencing the design, it was all about restyling the items I already owned. I was carrying over objects and furniture from my previous apartments: I have been here 8 years and lived in 5 different homes. It’s very typical for New Yorkers to change more apartments than clothes” - Sarah Baderna

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Private Residence, NEW YORK

For this busy family with two kids on the Upper West Side, it was very important to make their rental feel like home, even if it’s temporary. 

The main request from the clients was to to transform each room into a multi-purpose space, where they could work from or relax and enjoy their family time. 

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